A passion for quality
beers, wines and spirits

We opened our doors in 2013 and have dedicated ourselves to providing our customers the best handpicked wine, beers and spirits. Being independent means that we have the freedom to select the very best products that we can and we are very proud of our selection.

We endeavour to keep our wine range fresh and exciting, selecting products that punch above their weight in terms of price and quality. We also stock a wide and comprehensive range of beers, with the focus on local Scottish beers but with an expansive selection of world beers, including rare Belgian and German beers.

Our Products

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Cork & Cask – Marchmont, Edinburgh

The Brauhaus – Edinburgh


Cork & Cask
136 Marchmont Rd,
Edinburgh EH9 1AQ

Phone: 0131-447-7721
Email: chris@corkandcask.co.uk