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A light yet textured mkix of Muller Thurgau, Bacchus & Silvaner. Part of the MT and Silvaner are skin fermented for a week which brings herbal notes, a small 5mg of sulphur is added at bottling time (the label says 20 but they felt confident going lower). 

Farming is organic and the soil is Shell Limestone.

About 2 Naturkinder:

In 2013 Melanie and Michael returned home after working in publishing in Germany, London and New York. With his father Bernard close to retirement Michael had no interest in taking over the family winery as it had been since foundation in 1843 (making conventional chemistry-set wine). Therefore they left their city life behind to take over the family business but heading down a firmly natural route. Now farming around six hectares of vineyards; some of which have been organic since the 1990s (also supplemented by some purchased grapes). The soil is an old sea bed with lots of keuper and shell limestone. Sulphur added only on V&S wines. Ageing in all kinds of things. Working with ‘local’ sort of unfashionable grape varieties

10.5% / 75cl