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The eagerly anticipated 2019 Summer Release from Daftmill.

Held back due to capsule issues so released as we head into the colder months of the year, that said it’s an exceptional whisky and as always is extremely limited so only 1 per customer.

Daftmill is a farm distillery. Owned and operated by the Cuthbert family, it only runs in the farm’s quiet periods; mid-summer and winter, sometimes producing as few as 100 casks per year. When not distilling, Francis Cuthbert looks after the estate, growing the malting barley used to make this Lowland whisky.

The barley variety Optic was grown in the South fields and harvested in the last week of August 2006. It was then stored on the farm to be malted in Alloa during the summer of 2007.

The six first fill ex bourbon barrels that make up this bottling were distilled and filled in summer 2008. Casks 056/2008, 058/2008, 060/2008, 062/2008, 065/2008 and 066/2008.
46% / 700ml

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