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We’ve waited a long time for this 2018 Maskerade Rose. It was planned for last year release with the white and red but fortune favoured a sparkling wine and with Stephanie and Edourd deciding they weren’t happy to release it as it was, with the others, they have instead held on to it and allowed it to undergo a re-fermentation in bottle, creating a new Pet Nat sparkling Rose.

Fruit for these Maskerade wines comes from a new vineyard recently acquired and undergoing conversion to biodynamic farming. The masked character represents the fact that these vines are not quite ready to be included in the Gut Oggau family as they weren’t farmed according to the Oggau philosophy of natural production.

The winemaking is the same as all Oggau wines and the wines are vibrant, stylish and fresh.

Biodynamic. Natural.

12% / 75cl


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