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11.5% / 70cl

A unique, complex wine created from white grapes fermented and macerated on the grapes skins.

It is a balanced blend of Welschriesling and Veltliner from an old vineyard in Wolf’s valley and a young Devín from Rose mountain. The Welschriesling is fermented on skins in open vat for 10 days, Veltliner and Devín are fermented in barrels, with 15% of hand-destemmed grape berries, they are then macerated with them for further 10 months.

Certified Organic and biodynamic with Demeter, spontaneously fermented, unfiltered, unfined, made without any sulphur additions.

Vino Magula are based in the Rose and the Wolf valleys of Sucha in Slovakia. They use biodynamic farming for their 10 ha of vines and produce their wines as naturally as they can (ie without filtration, fining or any sulphur additions in production, where possible).

The inspiration for the biodynamic farming and natural wine production came to them gradually through years of tasting and researching wines that they loved. They list various influential winemakers such a Zsolt Sütö from Strekov 1975, Claus Preisinger and Toni Hartl from Austria as having helped them on their journey. The wines are the result of many years of hard work and show themselves to be bright yet complex, they are fruit forward and can age (as with the Frankovia 2014) but are best drank now and shared.

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