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Field blend of Zweigelt & Blaufrankisch from 35 year old vines. Grapes are hand-harvested. The wine is partly fermented on the skins in wooden vats, the rest is fermented in wooden barrels. Then the wine is aged in wooden barrels

Eduard and Stefanie choose to describe each cuvee they make as a different family member, this reflects the character of the vineyard and the resulting wines without having to rely on simply naming grape varieties, which does not do justice to their unique wines:


Wiltrude’s and Joshuari’s son. Like his sister Theodora, he has a very affectionate and easy-going nature that is typical of the inhabitants of the Burgenland. He is also an attractive young man but in no way superficial. Despite already being exceptionally popular, he still retains some hidden qualities, which make him even more interesting. His dream is to one day become an acclaimed world star.”

Biodynamic farming

Natural Winemaking

Vegetarian and Vegan friendly

13% / 75cl