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Ardnamurchan, renowned for its steadfast dedication to both traditional and eco-conscious whisky crafting, unveils an exquisite single malt in this most recent offering. This particular whisky is set apart by its finishing stage in rum casks, which bestows upon it sumptuous notes of brown sugar, banana, and apricot. The fusion of these sweet, fruit-laden flavours, subtly accented by the rum’s influence, makes for a beautifully harmonious blend. Encased at a robust 55% alcohol by volume, this single malt reveals its natural hue, a clear indication of its unadulterated purity and authenticity. True to Ardnamurchan’s unwavering commitment to quality, the whisky is presented without chill filtration, thus retaining the full spectrum of its intricate flavours. This batch ingeniously combines peated and unpeated whiskies, showcasing the distillery’s flair for creating layered and intricate taste profiles. The choice of casks previously holding Jamaican Rum imparts an intriguing, exotic twist, further distinguishing this whisky’s character. With a limited run of merely 8,334 bottles, each carefully filled on the 19th of September, 2023, this release is not merely a testament to Ardnamurchan’s adeptness in whisky creation but also a treasured item for connoisseurs. This blend of age-old Scottish whisky-making techniques with avant-garde cask finishing produces a whisky that is simultaneously anchored in tradition and adventurous in taste.

55% / 70cl