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The perfect Italian red for all occasions. Juicy, succulent, cherry and plum flavours abound, with a twist of spice from the blend of Merlot (70%) and Corvina (30%) grapes. Salut!

Beppe Morchetta encapsulates Italian style and good taste with a trio of wines from selected vineyards in the Veneto region of north-eastern Italy.

Unmistakably Italian in presentation and character. The ‘rosso’ is a characterful blend of Merlot and indigenous Corvina, offering up bright cherry and plum flavours; whilst ‘bianco’ combines Garganega and Chardonnay, a true reflection of this specific terroir close to the town of Soave. New in 2023 is a Spumante sparkling wine with lively citrus, apple and toasty notes that make it perfect for every occasion.

12% / 75cl