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This Chardonnay from Bodega Pigar is a monovarietal wine. The vines are sixteen years old which grows in chalky-sandy soils. The must goes through a process called “Black Charred“, which consists on introducing as much oxygen into the must as possible to obtain an evolved and unctuous Chardonnay. This way, the fermentation starts with an oxidized must that becomes stable and clarifies as it ferments. Aged in amphora for 6 months in contact with the fine lees, batonage is carried on naturally inside of the vessel as the lees are in constant movement at all times. Production of 930 bottles.

Bodegas Pigar is born back in 2014 as the consolidation of a young couple’s dream: Juán and Susana. Over the years, Juán’s family cultivated their ancient vines to sell the grapes to the local co-operative, always keeping a little bit of their

harvest to make wine for their own consumption.

Since Juán took over as winemaker they own 8 hectares of organic vineyards, making high quality wines with micro vinifications from single vineyards. The family owns a total of 25 hectares but Juán just works 8 hectares of the best vineyards, making a total of 9000 bottles between still and sparkling wines.

He farms organically (not certified) and applies natural winemaking practices in his tiny garage winery: indigenous yeast, no fining, no filtration, and no addition of sulfur. The wines age in neutral vessels like concrete and clay.