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There are not many wineries that have built their success by focusing on just one grape variety, let alone one that has been permanently out of fashion, but that is precisely what Bodegas Ximénez-Spínola have done since 1729. The wines of Sherry country are a real passion of this shop and Ximénez-Spínola are really at the pinacle of that.

Bunches are harvested by hand and collected in 15kg boxes to keep the grapes in pristine condition. They then spend at least 21 days exposed to the sun, which causes them to slowly dehydrate, concentrating the sugars to give elegant natural sweetness. 

The grapes are gently pressed, obtaining only 200 litres of must for each ton of fresh grapes. Fermentation is carried out in French oak barrels until the alcohol reaches 13%. Immediately after fermentation nitrogen is added and the barrels are sealed to prevent any oxidation and to preserve the ripe fruit intensity.

An enticing mellow deep golden colour, with exceptional aromas from the sun dried grapes; notes of orange peel and herbs. Smooth, round and intense on the palate with currants, dried apricots, toasted wood and immense concentration of fruit on the palate.

The circumstances of “Ximénez-Spínola” make it a unique winery in the entire area of ​​Jerez, since no other family with a winegrowing tradition has been and continues to be dedicated exclusively to the Pedro Ximénez grape, achieving recognition from the Spanish authorities with the granting of the “Pedro Ximénez Varietal Denomination of Own Accreditation”.

13% / 50cl