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Quite a unique Orange Wine from South Australia’s Brad Hicky (aka Brash Higgins). 

Zibbibo aged for 6 months on it’s skins without any sulphur. The wine develops a flor which amplifies the saline bready notes underlying Zibibbo’s pretty aromatics. It’s a pleasure to drink with a huge mix of tangerine, herbal tea, cinnamon, pear, green apple and wild honey. The palate shows good grip and makes for a beautiful food pairing wine.

Brad describes this as a darling of the restaurants, suited to fermented foods like Kimchi or spicy Thai dishes. We think it goes well with a cheese board.

About Zibbibo and Brad’s production:

Zibibbo is an ancient, aromatic white grape from the Muscat family grown in the warmth of the Mediterranean and South Australia. From fruit grown at Ricca Terra Farms in the sunny Riverland, the varietal was chosen for its potential to develop length and complexity from longer skin contact, the wine is fruity yet bone dry; reminiscent of something from Alice in Wonderland, where things aren’t always as they seem.

Hand picked, the golf ball sized, bronze fruit was destemmed into waiting terracotta amphorae. A wild ferment ensued with the caps hand plunged twice daily until the ferment finished and the skins sank into the wine. The skins, seeds and juice remained covered in situ for six months. A natural FLOR layer of yeast volunteers itself and covers and helps protect the wine. The ‘free run’ was siphoned off in spring and combined with the pressings. The wine settles before being racked and sent to bottle unfiltered and unfined.