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A co-ferment of locally grown apples and blackcurrants from Brora. The fruit was pressed and blended prior to fermentation in a mature oak cask and bottled pet-nat. The result is fantastic – extremely dry but bursting with fruit, at first it comes across as an extremely good sparkling pinot, and develops into pudding-y notes of apple and blackberry. It’s incredibly moreish.

Caledonian Cider is a small independent cidery founded in 2014 in Conon Bridge on the Black Isle just north of Inverness. They explore of cider at its northern frontier. The aim for these cidersis to reflect as far as possible the local Highland terroir.

They use every locally grown apple they can get our hands on whether they’re grown in gardens or orchards, sharp cookers, juicy eaters or bitter wee cider apples, they find a use for them all. Caledonian’s cider apple orchards are among the most northerly in Europe and provide the perfect starting point for all their blends.

Only ever using ferment from freshly pressed juice with wild yeast found naturally on the apples and in the cidery itself. They both ferment and mature in oak barrels at ambient temperature. This ensures a cold, slow fermentation which tracks the natural weather fluctuations as they head through the winter and into spring, it’s not uncommon during the depths of winter for the juice to freeze solid for a few days at a time. With Every vintage bringing it’s own unique character the barrels are blended by taste to produce the individual ciders or are set aside for one off single cask bottlings.

6.5% / 75cl