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A 10-year-old Cataibh, which is single malt from a Highland distillery known for having that particular quality to its spirit, and also suddenly getting coy about indie bottlers using their name…

On pouring you find a nose with a good bit of creamy sweetness, that settles into a coastal feeling of beach pebbles and sea air. There’s a slightly savoury side (salted green peppercorns, maybe) and then green apples, wax and leatherette. A touch of coriander leaf too, which is something I’ve found in a few Clynelishes (oh what a giveaway, and I was doing so well etc etc). Adding water makes that umami note disappear, and it’s all clean coast and fruits: white peach and waxy cherry.

On the palate: it’s another big boy! We’re straight in with cough syrup, salty black olives, wax and soot, with a great deal of fruitiness (lime syrup, tangerine, bubblegum) in the wings. The finish is long: coastal, salty, lemony and waxy.

There’s a tendency in whisky to always think the old days were better, so it’s properly heartening to find modern production from a grand old distillery still so full of character and potential.

This bourbon barrel produced 272 bottles at 58.6%.

Super limited, 1 per household please.