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This charming little Fifer lets you know immediately that it’s from top quality first fill ex-bourbon barrels with lashings of vanilla essence, and spiced custard appearing on the nose. A little bit of time in the glass allows more complexity and distillery character to build giving honeyed beeswax, peaches, apricot jam and something more savory reminiscent of bay leaves and cardamom.

The palate is pleasingly balanced with spicey oak pairing nicely the fruiter distillate notes, some caramelised brown sugar, cocktail bitters, praline and banana notes all emerge with time. Wood spice is dominant on the finish giving long waves of cinnamon and dried ginger.

Despite what the distillation season may suggest, this is perfect summery Daftmill, and indeed a perfect summary of why we love this complex little lowlander in simple bourbon barrels.

As always Daftmill releases are very limited so, in the spirit of fairness and responsible drinking, this product is limited to 1 per household/person/address.

46% / 70cl