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Harvested manually in March 2022 from the La Flor Vineyard in Maipú, Mendoza, this unique blend features 80% Ugni Blanc and 20% Moscatel. The winemaking process begins with the careful destemming and crushing of both grape varieties together, creating a harmonious blend. Vatting with the skins and fermentation at a cool temperature of 15°-17°C follows, with daily pigeages to ensure optimal flavor extraction. The wine undergoes an extended conservation on the skins for 4 months, contributing to its distinctive character. The final product is bottled without filtering, presenting some cloudiness that adds to its authenticity.

The wine displays an enticing amber colour with ochre appearances. Aromas of chamomile, linden, tea leaves, and pears take center stage, creating a sensory journey that is both aromatic and intriguing. Explore the palate with notes of chamomile reappearing, accompanied by hints of white fruits and nectarines. The wine boasts a well-balanced acidity that imparts freshness and a long aftertaste, providing a delightful and lingering finish.

12.5% / 75cl