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100% Palomino & aged for 5 years in bota, this is an invigorating white wine with a subtle, floral, mineral nose. Great intensity with sea breeze salinity running through an impressive structure, there is tension on the palate.

The yeasty, baked bread flavours are in balance with apricots & golden apples. In the mouth the texture is silky & round, with an extremely long & clean finish.

A unique style of Manzanilla to be served chilled with food or as an aperitif.

Jerez was one of the first wine growing regions in Spain to distinguish their wines through the provenance of the grapes. However, in the second half of the 20th century all the focus went to the bodega and the solera system, with local enologists claiming that the identity of the soil and grapes became unrecognisable following maturation in bota (barrel). Today things are changing, a new wave of winemakers are determined to put the soil and the fruit back in the spotlight, producing wine that clearly reflects the vines’ terroir alongside the solera in which it matured: wine that proves that whilst quality and consistency are achieved through the bodega, excellence is in the soil. We love fresh, floral and fruit driven wine. All our biologically aged wine can be traced back to the soil where the grapes were grown.

375ml / 15%