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We have received an eagerly anticipated release of Domaine Dandelion from Burgundy.

Grapes are hand picked from their 7 micro parcels of vines. Vines are worked with Morgane’s horses. Whole bunch. No pigéage. 20 days of skin maceration in concrete tanks followed by 3 rounds of ‘pigéage à pied’ to release more sugar from the grapes before heading to the basket press (to avoid a surge of sugar during pressing).

Aged in old barrels under their house. No added sulfur.

The paper on the label comes from an old-fashioned paper mill of Fontaine de Vaucluse from the Moulin Vallis Clausa. It is composed of cotton, linen, hemp and inserted bluet flowers. Morgane cuts out her labels, stamps the drawing of a bird drawn by her and then manually graphs the name. All bottle labels are applied by hand.

No added sulphur

Biodynamic farming

Natural winemaking

14% abv / 75cl