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Brewed in collaboration with The Glasladies Beer Society as part of their ‘Women Are’ series, this beer will certainly keep you warm this winter. And maybe make you as bold as the beer itself! 

At 8.9% Forritsome was designed as a silky smooth sharer. Despite the high abv it is well balanced to produce very little alcohol burn. As a Belgian Dark Strong Ale it is a homage to the Trappist ways and the delicious iterations which have come out of Britain and America in the last three decades. The water profile is almost identical to Westvleteren’s (from what can be gathered) for a thicker and off dry mouthfeel. No spices were added, just a large percentage of dark candi sugar. The dark caramelised sugar, combined with the Abbaye yeast, makes for a rum soaked raisin and fruity experience. Caramelised bananas, dark winter berries, apple and blackcurrant are all present. I made sure to not let the fermentation get too hot to stave off any overly spiced or phenolic flavours. Douse over Christmas pud or sip whilst rummaging through the choccies! 

8.9% / 330ml