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Our core range pale is back with a bang and a spring in its step. Showcasing the best hedgerow hops around: Bramling Cross and Goldings, it is remarkably refreshing and delightfully delicious. We all love our juicy hazy pales packed full of new world hops, but let’s not disregard hops closer to home. With a bit of creativity and attention to detail (mainly biotransformation and very large hopback additions!) a similarly smooth and fruity pale ale can be produced.

That is exactly what is achieved in this latest batch of Southside Pale. It celebrates those hops closer to home and proves they’re worth a seat at the table. Honey-like and tropical esters abound in this jammy and aromatic little pale. From the Bramling Cross a lemony fruit bowl manifests itself, filled with loganberries and blackcurrants, while the touch of Goldings provides a subtle floral, earthy and spicy note. And more: the Saturated yeast (a London Ale 3 clone) from WHC impressively brings about candied pineapple and mango flavours. So New England IPA lovers will love it just as traditional English IPA drinkers will too.

5.4% / 330ml