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HOLY TINY ORANGE GIN BATMAN!! The Electric Spirits Co have finally added this ultra cool miniature bottle to their portfolio. With design by other local Edinburgh hero Tyrone Stoddart, this is the collaboration of 2 great minds to make one potent sensory experience.

Achroous Gin is made by home grown hero James Porteous. Marchmont dweller, Leith distiller and all round good guy!

The botanical choices here are non-traditional with Sichuan Pepper taking the limelight, which adds a woody, floral warmth and spice to the taste. Sensitively made so the botanicals blend and compliment the faint aniseed and herbal kick of fennel.

In July 2019, Achroous Gin reached a significant sustainability milestone and announced their packaging was entirely recyclable or biodegradable. The glass and seal can be recycled infinitely and the stopper is completely natural and therefore biodegradable.

Local. Sustainable. Recyclable. Delicious.

41% / 5cl