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Scottish stock pale ale fermented in Rioja casks with clementines. This third batch combines my favourite elements of the first two. It sees the return of the Rioja casks of batch one with the blended complexity of batch two. We have increased the clementine count whilst dropping the addition of spices, instead drawing spiced flavours from an extended period in the wine casks, drawing notes of vanilla, soft ginger, clove and cinnamon naturally from the wood itself. The beer pours pale with the subtlest blush of pink from the wine casks and tight, brilliant white foam.

Aromas of fresh clementine, Brettanomyces funk and dark Rioja fruits leap from the glass. Subtle spiced depths reward further contemplation. The palate is crisp, dry and vigorous, enlivening the senses and improving the flavour of all manner of seasonal snacks. I recommend with little sausage rolls, smoked seafood and spiced nuts, or perhaps a baked Vacherin Mont d’Or! And why not, eh?! It has become a vital part of my Christmas and I’m very excited by this third iteration. It is as pure an expression of Christmas funk as one could desire.

6% / 375ml