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6% Scottish stock pale ale hopped with Idaho 7 and aged Motueka. This splendid pale was the result of us acquiring some 2014 (!) Motueka hops. Whilst most modern pale ales are built on the freshest of hops, aged hops have fascinating qualities too. As they age, certain compounds are produced (oxidised fatty acids, for those taking notes!) which can be transformed by fermentation into the ripest of tropical fruit aromas.

It’s even been suggested by those in the know that a NEIPA might benefit from a little whirlpool dose of the well-aged stuff. Brettanomyces kicks this up a notch, turning aged hop character into deep funks and ethereal fruit baskets. This is why lambic is so heavily hopped with well-aged cones. Epochal was therefore the perfect home for these ancient Motuekas. We blended the aged hops with unaged Idaho 7 for complimentary freshness and fermented with our usual complex processes to draw forth the best from these ingredients. After much maturation, the result is one of our finest pales to date. Latherous foam yields bruised pineapple, burst plum, candied lime peel, leather-bound books and dried roses.

The pale is dry, ripping with fresh bitterness and crackling with refreshment. An immensely complex yet approachable stock beer. The beer is named for a quite ludicrous poem from the visionary William Blake of whose work I am an admirer.

6% / 375ml