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A luxurious summer beer to delight your palate and pair with your BBQs! This was filled during the boil with loads of whole flower Bramling Cross from Brook House Hops in Herefordshire. This is one of those delightful Ernest Salmon-bred hops which offer earthy English leafy spicy character but also ripe berry fruit and some thiols which give it a winey character. Lovely hop. It was then dry hopped with some spectacular Tettnanger from Locher Hopfen in Tettnang.

This gives the beer a bright noble hop character. After open fermentation, the beer was transferred to neutral oak casks full of pale-ale-friendly microbes and allowed to ferment with with our special Tettnang allowing hop creep and Brettanomyces fermentation to produce poised dryness and exquisite perfumes. When ripe, the aged beer is blended with fresh beer to deliver lively carbonation, much foam and a touch of freshness. The result is a complex but invigorating pale ale full of richly intermingled hop and fermentation character.

There is jasmine and honeysuckle, blackcurrant jam, dried guava, pink peppercorn and elderberry wine. On the palate, it’s exceptionally light, dry, bitter balanced and possessed of a gaseous, refreshing quality. The beer is named after a favourite story about a young brewer and advocate of thermometers and hydrometers, James Baverstock, back in the 18th Century when that was controversial. He brought these to Whitbread brewery to advocate for their use and was sent away, admonished “go home, young man, attend to your business and do not engage in such visionary pursuits!” Something about the flagrant philistinism of this quote has always delighted me.

8.7% / 375ml