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Hand harvested, organically farmed and fermented with indigenous yeasts in stainless steel. Aged in stainless steel and bottled the year after harvest.

Flavours of plum & autumnul black & purple fruit, had a ‘blackberry/bramble picking’ feel to it with a leafiness & savoury quality. This wine is developing & not just fresh fruit anymore which gives it a lovely cosy wintery earthy, forest floor element, it still retains a fresh damson, cherry-esque acidity however making it great with meaty richer savoury dishes. 

Opened up after being open for a little bit of time to breathe. 

Recommended with Cowboy beans, Cassoulet, Nut Roast or Sausage, Mash & onion gravy. 

In celebration of the season change and shift to Autumn, we have the pleasure of being able to announce the re-release of our much loved 2019 collaborative project “Fall”. A wine that feels almost designed to ease us into the cooler months.

In Autumn 2019, we were lucky enough to have a tip-off on some respectfully cared for grapes from a farmer in Corbières, destined for low intervention vinification as a classic regional blend. A year later, we were finally able to taste the result, everything had fallen into place, and we were so happy that we took it all.

Exclusively bottled and labelled for Ancestrel. We decided to name the wine “Fall” in honour of the Autumn months because in the glass and on the table, it oozed the comforting, hopeful qualities of those bygone months. We already knew where to look for the label. A friend of Ancestrel, Lu’ay Sami, had just finished an excellent series of paintings of trees that we loved. A combination of free-flowing brush strokes and ultra-considered fine pointillism. A sort of rich minimalism…just like the juice in the bottle.

Lu’ay Sami’s work tries to understand the relationship between man and nature in the age of technology. Heavily inspired by Science and Science fiction, his work explores whether or not man has become “as it were, the sex organs of the machine world,” as described by Marshall McLuhan in his 1964 publication “Understanding Media”. In our way, we endeavour to do the same.

We have had the privilege to hold on to enough of these to carry us through more than one change of seasons, an opportunity to share the development with you all as both ourselves and the wine mature, experiencing its growth as it evolves.

Carignan, Syrah, Cinsault, Grenache Grapes from Corbières. Aged in Stainless Steel.

Vegan friendly.