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A lovely full flavoured orange pet nat, meaning it only goes through one fermentation, finished in the bottle to give a lighter sparkle. Flavours of lemon zest, salinity, earth, fresh cut herbs. Lengthy and complex. A wine which can be drank on it’s own but full flavoured enough to enjoy with dinner.

Tiago farms about 8 different vineyards all located within a 5km radius of his winery. One the key points here is the high altitude which differs from the rest of the Douro. He is not on the river but rather on a plateau at the top of the slope, between 550-700m. The cold nighttime temperatures slow down the ripening and help maintain a distinct acidity and freshness across the whole range. Another factor is the variety in the soils. Whereas most of the Douro is known for its slate/schist soils, Tiago also has a bit of granite and varying amounts of clay in some parcels. Last, he has the advantage of having nearly 10 hectares of vines that are over 80 years old. The complexity of old vineyards and the vibrancy of younger vines creates a pefect balance in the wines.

Organic farming

Vegetarian and Vegan friendly

Moscatel Galego 

10.5% / 75cl