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Juicy and opulent with flinty notes, yellow pear and white flowers, all on a medium weighted, lightly oily palate with balancing crisp acidity. This is South African Riesling, made in the style of a German Trocken Riesling.

Hand-picked at daybreak to ensure only the most heavenly flavours, about 15% of grapes showed the presence of Botrytis. After crushing and de-stemming, the fruit underwent six hours of skin contact at 12 degrees Celcius. After pressing, the juices were fermented using a yeast personally selected by our winemaker in Austria, then stabilised, filtered and bottled.

Although not farming organically Hartenberg use many organic principles and go to some serious lengths to protect and encourage biodyversity in their vineyards. Recently they have erected unuased telephon epoles to provide perching spots for raptor birds, they’ve moved over to annual permanetn cover crops between the vines to provide additional natural habitat for fauna.

They do not follow any traditional spraying of the vineyards but have placed weather stations on the farm to monitor potential threats and they only spray when absolutely necessarry.

If you’re interested we’d recommend a visit to their website where there is a long list of birds they have spotted around the farm, as well as a more in depth description of their preservation practices.

13% / 75cl