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Fresh and zesty fizz from Emilia-Romagna with an appealing hazy yellow glow. It’s produced from a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and a local grape called Spergola, with the fermentation finished in bottle according to the ancestral method. An easy-drinking crowd pleaser with lots of vibrant acidity and appealing notes of peach, pineapple, lime peel and fennel.

During the ’90s M. Bertoni founded Il Farneto, a naturally cultivated vineyard. The founder’s intent was to contribute to sustainable agriculture initiatives, producing grapes while respecting the environment. Our 34 hectares of land, 8 of which are vineyard, are located between the hills of Scandiano and Canossa.Eventhough Farneto fields are relatively close to the residential area of Castellarano and Sassuolo, thanks to their elevation they preserve a particularly isolated positions.

This upland despite its relatively close position to a heavily residential and industrial area of the towns of Castellarano and Sassuolo, still preserves a particularly isolated position, because of its geomorphological land features. In addition the territory presents a wide variety of biodiversity thanks to its favorable microclimate temperatures. Farneto fields naturally lend themselves to biodynamic agriculture. The quality of Farneto grapes perfectly suit an organic vinification process.

75cl / 12%