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A very limited release from David at Chortlon Whisky. Essentially this is peated single malt from Loch Lomond Distillery.

Another of the multitude of strange distillates to come from Loch Lomond – and to make matters more confusing it’s a make that itself comes in different peated, unpeated and heavily-peated forms. This is the peated type.

So, on the nose we’re in a world of sweet and almost floral smoke. There’s some brightness (lime, cider, berry fruit), some umami-ness (rye bread, smoked mussels, mustard sauce) and an almost Islay-ish medicinal note (bandages, obscure herbal salves) in the background. A lot going on!

The palate is bright, lemony and smokily briny, with a fair bit of sweetness. Also: tar, fishing boats, natural rubber and engine oil, balsamic, green peppercorns, lime cordial and almond brittle. The finish is lightly salty, with lingering earthy and tarry smoke.

If I’d tried this at a blind tasting I’d have probably guessed it was one of the scuzzier peated Glen Scotias, or maybe a peated Glenturret/Ruadh Maor, and if that savoury style of peated whisky is your thing this is well worth a go. Maybe the tasting notes don’t give this impression, but it’s also an easy drinker, and just rollicking good fun.

A grand total of 107 bottles emerged from this bourbon barrel (which is, you know, a shame)

52.7% / 70cl