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‘A bubbly that fits all four seasons’ – the idea behind the alternating labels that resonates with the fun yet concentrated juice thats inside the bottle. Smacks you in the face like the most delicious berry punch you’ve ever had!

The whole bunches were pressed directly, and fermented naturally with no additives or temperature control. At the right point during fermentation this wild juice gets bottled by hand – serious family job, everybody is helping (mum, dad, brother, the boys, Maria and Alex). Then the bottles are stored in the machine hall and rest until spring. During the first warm days of spring, when the nights are still freezing, the Koppitsch family puts the bottles into the backyard for cooling. After a few days the bottles are cold enough and ready for the final workflow – disgorging. They open every single bottle by hand – Alex is the man – fill it up and seal it again.

Natural winemaking.

Biodynamic farming.

Vegan friendly.