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First release from the brand new distillery on Isle of Arran.

One bottle per household. 


Colour: Very pale – white wine/pale straw

Nose: Medium intensity. A hit of earthy peat with slight medicinal note in the background there too. A sweetness; caramels, vanilla tablet. Alongside the peat there is also a slight herbaceous note there too.

Palate: Very mouthfilling, quite thick texture. The sweetness on the nose is sill there, but more butterscotch and malted biscuit. Vanilla tablet notes and there is also now a minerality to it.  

Finish: Medium-Long and very full. Nice warming peat that lingers but a bit more of that medicinal note is prominent.

Comment: With water, a burst of the sweetness on the nose and then less of the vanilla but more mineral and herby notes. After some time much more of that rock pool-y bit salinity is present. Sweet, with earthy peat but that interesting minerality and herby element in the background.