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La Jara Pinot Grigio has real finesse and authenticity. It is a wine with a great personality and versatility. The character of the wine is brought through a brief soft pressing of the grapes. The bouquet is intense with notes of ripe stone fruit & lemon; the taste is dry, refreshing & harmonious.

This organic Pinot grigio is a thousand miles from the hum drum Pinot Grigio currently flooding the market. A combination of organic methods, ancient family traditions and adoption of the most up to date practices results in wines that stand apart from the industrially produced wines that bear the same name. A real finesse is apparent at La Jara and all their wines offer a wonderful relief from what might be expected.

La Jara winery has belonged to the Marion family since 1891. Their love for this land and its fruit has been passed down from generation to generation. Since 1999, a new generation, Massimo and Paolo Marion, have contributed an innovative spirit. They have revolutionised technical processes and embraced a totally organic style of farming, ever inspired by the values and teachings of grandpa Pietro, who still rules at La Jara under the ethos that nature is a perfect mechanism. In the local dialect, “La Jara”, synonymous with commitment and dedication to their soil, means “the gravel”. Expect and intense perfume with delicate hints of peach and apricots. Followed by a soft, harmonic palate which feels fruity and fresh. The finish is long and persistent.

This makes a classic refreshing aperitif but would be lovely as a crisp glass of white alongside chicken salad, pasta with shellfish sauces, asparagus risotto or gnocchi with green pea, lemon & butter. 

12.5% / 75cl