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This Hard Rain, made from the second pressing of perry pears with the addition of water, is a modern interpretation of an old historic drink, perrykin.


Little Pomona love the way it makes the most of the wonderful sugars and aromatics in that still reside in the original pomace. So into barrels previously containing the lees of fermented damson and apple, they combined three types of French perry pears and left them to ferment spontaneously before bottling as a pét nat. The result is a hot-weather crusher like you’ve never tasted before! It’s the perfect ghost of the fruits and barrels used to make it. Pale, translucent pink in colour, it combines plum and pear flavours in a really elegant, delicate way and the lively sparkle carries it all beautifully. This perrykin is as insanely wonderful to drink as it is beautiful on the eye. Drink well chilled on a picnic in a meadow by a river with friends and family.

(Contains naturally occurring sediment)

Vegan friendly. Gluten free. No added sulphites


750ml / 2.9%