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A rare single cask release of Bruichladdich’s heavily peated Single Malt Lochindaal. Distilled in 2007, aged entirely in Chateau Climens Sauternes sweet wine cask, and bottled at natural cask strength in 2021.

A big smokey dram with earthy bonfire smoke, wet wool, apricol, golkden syrup, famyard and more orchard fruit.

This is the 3rd release from the Bramble Whisky Co. an Independent Whisky bottling company established by Mike Aikman and Jason Scott who own Edinburgh’s famous Bramble Cocktail Bar, Lucky Liquor Co. and The Last Word Saloon.

Tasting notes by Dave Broom:

Nose: A powerful and potent mix of honeyed sweetness and fragrantly smoking cypress wood that gives an incense-like quality. Smouldering ashes, apricot tarte tatin (with slightly singed pastry). The effect is rich, and all-enveloping. In time, there’s some hissing pine logs, and greater concentration of the sweet fruits, some Oolong tea, and bacon fat. Water brings out more oak, some sweet farmyard notes and more of the honey, but for impact, I’d keep it neat.

Palate: Woodsmoke from the get go, then comes an oddly savoury mix of wet straw/wet dog, honey-glazed ham, thickening syrups and then some lemon curd-like lift which adds energy and saves it getting too one dimensional. By the back palate there’s cinnamon and white pepper. Water gives greater control to this explosive mix of weirdness as well as adding creosote, and oxidised elements – but a lot more of the wood – so, again, neat would be best.

Finish: Long, off-dry, smoky still.

One per household

56.9% / 70cl