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The story here begins with a card game, in which the Bishop of Perpignan loses his vineyard to an engineer, Raymond Etienne Amiel in a bet. Known then as Domaine de Goudous, it was renamed as Mas Amiel in the years to come. Mas Amiel is a huge wine cellar, located just outside of the village of Maury, North-East of the Perpignan. It is planted predominantly with Grenache and although it produces a number of still, dry wines, their team is best known for their Vin Doux Naturel, Maury. This sweet, oxidised wine gets its style from ageing which takes place in large glass demi-johns before transfer into large oak barrels, where it enjoys further ageing. It is an elegant, fruity and refreshing wine that pairs well with red fruit or chocolate desserts.

16.5% / 375ml