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Here we have a wine pack designed to take you through the month of May.

It’s been a wet misty start but things will be warming up & some sunshine will be seen for sure. 

This pack has 5 bottle of wine & a sake as a wildcard!

The sake is a nod to the sakura season in Japan, which is coming to an end now but we are having our own version of it with Edinburgh & The Meadows at the end of our road having their own stunning display. 

The warmer days bring people out & together which we love to see!

We hope you get a chance to share some of these bottles with friends, family & loved ones on one of these longer light evenings, maybe even a sunny lunch party one day soon!!


The pack includes: 


Akashi Tai Sake Junmai Ginjo Sparkling (Japan) 

Naturally fermented in the bottle to preserve the zesty, fruity character of freshly brewed sake This was made by Champagne style traditional method. Akashi Tai Junmai Ginjo Sparkling Sake is made using only locally grown rice from the Hyogo Prefecture. Ginjo is a premium type of Sake made with rice that has to have at least 40% of the outside of the rice grains (the bran) polished away. Junmai means no distillers alcohol is added which it can be in other Sakes e.g. Honjozo Sake. The Sake undergoes a careful, low temperature fermentation and it is then undergo a secondary fermentation in the bottle with some more koji.

Light, refreshing and reminiscent of Moscato d’Asti. A delicious aperitif at 7% alcohol. 



Emilio Moro Organic Godello (Spain) 

100% Godello from Bierzo in Galicia, a region of lush greenery and rolling hills in Spain’s Northwestern corner. This has lots of peach and apricot with a soft, balanced acidity and refreshing finish. A real crowd pleaser. Pairs perfectly with a simple grilled fish salad. 

Oscar Dourbie Organic Blanc (France) 

This is Terret Blanc from the Pays D’herault. At Domaine De La Dourbie, garrigue flora grows between the vines – a mark of place that is also stamped on their wines. Terret is native to this part of the South of France and here shows great frehsness alongside soft white peaches and orchard fruit. This is a super fun apero-style wine, ideal to share with your friends under the sun with a couple of tasty nibbles.

Tinazzi Organic Fiano (Italy) 

Fresh and peachy Fiano from Tinazzi, located in Apulia, Puglia. This southern Italian variety is know for its luscious stonefruit aromas, balanced with lovely orange blossom and mineral tones. It is an ideal match for pre-dinner chacuterie boards adorned with Italian cured meats and hard cheeses, Nocellara olives, and sardines.

Felix Rioja (Spain) 

This Rioja is a blend of grapes from low-yielding Tempranillo, Graciano & Garnacha vines from the Ontanon Familia estate aged in a combination of American and French oak. The result is a wine of ripe red fruits with graceful floral accents, and wonderfully integrated oaky spice. Though designed for Sushi, pairing possibilities by no means end here. Reach for this to accompany a springy Sunday roast.

Buongiorno Organic Susumaniello (Italy) 

This is a rich & deeply concentrated Susumaniello from Salento, Italy. It has dark & velvety, creme de cassis-like flavour & texture up-front, which then develops into spiced baked plum with hint of dark chocolate & liquorice with a tannin texture reminsicent of dried mango. A definite crowd pleaser for the richer red fan! It is lovely to experience such complexity & power from an organic southern Italian red.