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Made from biodynamic Pinot Gris grapes, the wine is aptly named–‘Graupert’ means ‘tangled’ or ‘wild’, referring to the vines which are allowed to grow free and wild. The free-growing vines produce bunches with smaller grapes with less juice and thicker skins. This produces greater aromas, gives extra layers of complexity to the wine and even gives the wine its darker colour.

The wine spends some time in contact with the skins during fermentation (unusual for white wines) which gives the unusual rose-gold colour. There’s honey, pear and almond on the nose and a buttery, creamy texture with lively acidity, and fruity, mineral weight on the palate.

This low-suphur wine is a brilliant vintage, with hints of pepper and herbs to balance out the citrus and orchard fruit flavours. It’s not your usual Pinot Gris, but one you must try!

Biodynamic farming

Vegetarian and Vegan friendly

12% / 75cl