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The return of Foxbic! This surely now needs no introduction – the masters of mixed fermentation Mills Brewing produced a spontaneously fermented blend of turbid wort and juice from the inimitable Foxwhelp bitter-sharp apple. This iteration was made using the turbid mash method in the style of traditional Lambic producers. The wort was fermented with Foxwhelp juice and cider lees in old oak barrels for 10 months.

The resulting blend was dry-hopped with German-grown, whole-cone Brewers Gold before conditioning in bottle for six months. The finished drink has wonderful poise, balancing the acid and tannin of the apple with the sweetness of the grain, cut through with farmyard funk and the Brewers Gold wafting over the smells of summer. 

A fantastic beer for now or a few years of aging.

6.0% / 75cl