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We have brewed a super-smashable cold-fermented IPA with Lallemand, an international biotechnology company based in Montreal, Canada. They specialise in the production and marketing of yeasts and bacteria to many different sectors including brewing. We used their Novalager yeast, an innovative hybrid lager strain, which brings a soft ester character and no sulphur or diacetyl off-flavours. What’s interesting is that we have used Maize (corn) for this beer, to create body and umami flavours. It’s something that isn’t used often, so we are excited to see how this turns out! On the brew day, we were also joined by Loughran Brewers Select who supplied us with German hop, Tango, and Crosby Hops Azacca CGX, which gives notes of pineapple and mango.

4.8% / 440ml