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A light straw yellow wine, fresh and fruity, with pleasant and gentle notes of wild flowers and fresh fruit. The taste is fresh, lightly mineral, balanced and persistent.

Organically certified and made gently Novapalma is an excellent new look at two internationally renowned wine styles.

Drawing on the ancient eponymous star-shaped fortified town in Fruili and coupled with the direct translation of the word ‘novapalma’ itself, meaning new hand, this range of wines combines the heritage of this northern Italian land with a fresh modern approach. Reflecting an appreciation and care for the land that has been existed here for centuries.

Limestone soil of marine origin. Subcontinental temperate climate, with mild winters, rare late frosts and windy summers. Rainfall is scarce (800-1100 mm per year), with an accentuation in autumn. In dry summers, emergency irrigation is provided.

Pair with anti pasti, fried fish and light creamy pasta dishes.


Vegetarian / Vegan friendly

100% Pinot Grigio

12% / 75cl