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Orange Wine 3 bottle Pack

We’ve been championing these wines for years now but it’s not always the easiest category to navigate. So this pack is designed to introduce you to 3 different styles of orange wine… Aromatic, zesty, juicy, textured & perfumed. From Chile, Australia & Austria.

Orange Wine (aka skin macerated white) is when white wine is treated similarly to red wine in the winemaking process, the juice is left in contact with the skins of the grapes in order to take on colour, aroma & mouthfeel.

The wines range from peach to amber in colour hence the name.

They are a very food friendly style of wine as they have great acidity, fruit flavours & texture.

All these bottles are organic & made with minimal intervention.


A gem of orange wine made with Fiano, Zibbibo, Moscato Giallo, Gewurtztraminer & Greco with grapes coming from Riverland & Clare Valley. This has become one of the wineries most cult-followed wines since they began making it. It is easy to see why as it remains elegant & fresh while evoking memories of mango & tropical fruit all finishing up with a juicy pithy tannin. Expect flavours of herbal beeswax combined with pineapple, dried mango & blood orange. A crowd friendly but complex orange wine.


A super perfumed orange wine from the heart of the Maule Valley, Chile. Made from a blend of Torontel, Moscatel & País grapes, the fruit is macerated with skins for 60 days in the traditional style of this region. Despite its relatively long skin-contact, this wine is soft on tannin & texture. It is full of flavours of stone fruit, apricot yoghurt & peach blossom. Winemaking is as traditional as it gets: fermentation in cement, ageing in old oak or clay amphorae, no fining nor filtration, and no additions of any type, including sulphites. This wine is the very aromatic end of the spectrum & would be an absolutely perfect accompaniment to any spicy food.


This ‘living’ wine is appley, yeasty & fresh, with hints of rose & lychee on top of tangerine & grapefruit. A very popular & wallet friendly intro to this style from biodynamic winery ‘Meinklang’ This wine sees spontaneous fermentation, with very low sulphites, this wine is a nod in the natural & orange style of winemaking. Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer & Welschriesling grapes make up the blend. Sealed with a crown cap.