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Distillery information

Orkney is an archipelago off the North East of the Scottish Highlands. It is home to some of the finest scenery, wildlife, Neolithic sites and whisky that Scotland offers. The unique peat used for malting imbues a heathery, floral character to the whisky which is renowned for rounded and well-balanced style.

Rob says: “It’s an awfully long way from No.3 St. James’s Street to the Orkney Isles, but the majority of the whisky distilled there is every bit as well-heeled as the historic denizens of Mayfair. First rate spirit in top class casks giving characterful drams perennially sought-out.”

Tasting Notes

The nose offers great depth and complexity. A bold mix of heather honey, peat-smoke and berry fruit combine to give a most remarkable balance. The honey notes act as a magic carpet to transpond the peat and fruit as the mouthfeel expands in the most luscious manner.A truely classic example of a distinct and distinguished style. Orkney in aspic!

Ronnie says: “If you’ve ever been to Orkney then rememberthe amazingtreeless, barren, boggy landscape. Then light the fire and remember the friends you made and ubiquitous peat reek and most importantly, just why you went.

46% / 70cl