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An easygoing, crisp, juicy orange wine, packed with fresh stone-fruit, hints of orange pill paired with delicate herbal notes and refreshing acidity is all you need to get the party going.

Oskar Maurer is based in Szerèmsèg, Serbia. This, his entry level wine, is from the variety Kovidinka grown on Sand, Volcanic bedrock, Alluvial limestone and Clay soils. He releases only 7000 bottles, which for a wine with a following like this is not much. 

The grapes are grown on old bush-wines resulting in a very low yield. They are hand harvested and de-stemmed soaked for 7 days to extract just the right amount of colour. Later, the juice ferments and ages in 350l old Hungarian oak barrels. The wine gets bottled unfined, unfiltered with a tiny addition of sulphur just before bottling.

Natural winemaking.

Organic farming.

Vegan friendly.