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Through every iteration of our growth over the last demi-decade, one thing that has persisted throughout is this brewery’s love of hops, and how we’ve born an entire business that now looks after the livelihoods of fourteen team members from this love. The Hop Studio felt like a natural extension of this love – showcasing the single most complex, wonderfully diverse ingredient we use in our process bar none. Talus is a relative newcomer to the brewery, only entering our orbit in the last couple of years, but in that time it’s quickly and easily become one of our favourite flourish hops. Previously HBC 692 developed by YCH Hop Farm’s Hop Breeding Company over in the States, Talus is the daughter hop of another in-house favourite here at Polly’s, Sabro paired with open pollination. A wonderful example of the neomexicanus varietal, much like its parent, Talus displays all the incredible characteristics that caused Sabro to take the world by storm – tropical fruits, stonefruit sweetness, as well as a distinct creaminess – but with a more refined herbal complexity; with woodiness, dried roses, and pine resin to boot. On full showcase in a balls-to-the-wall DIPA here, we’re entering Talus into the Hop Studio library with a bang!

7.8% / 440ml