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Their blanc de blancs comes from quite a high altitude (380m) essentially south facing 0.55ha vineyard where limestone is very present with rock outcropping and fossils weathering out on the surface. The soil here is deeper (around 1m) than at Fosse Grely therefore the yields here are usually 20% higher. The 2015 wine was aged in older barrels for eight months, with malos completed, no sulphur added at any stage, no dosage either. The champagne here is exquisitely balanced, neither too light nor too rich, with the oak very well integrated, and its intense salinity clearly reflects the limestone terroir. .

Emmanuel and Bénédicte Leroy’s 4ha domaine Ruppert-Leroy was only started in 2010. Since then their progress has been exponential, and the quality of their champagnes is now off the scale. Manu and Béné (ex-high-level kayakers and PE teachers) shared a passion for wine well before making their own – they regularly visited the Jura at a time when it only took a knock at the door to meet and taste with Pierre Overnoy.

Béné and Manu’s champagnes reflect specific terroirs and are made from low yields of meticulously sorted grapes, they are vinified with natural yeasts, without fining or filtration, aged in older oak, bottled off with a low 22g/l for the secondary fermentation and disgorged with no dosage. No sulphur is added at any stage. They are intensely pure, harmonious, well-sculpted champagnes and their incredible energy reflect on the duo’s dedication and sheer passion.

100% Chardonnay

Biodynamic Farming.

12% / 75cl