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CIDER TARGET STYLE: I was aiming to make a bone dry, easy drinking cider, not too funky, not too clean, and to be fairly low in perceived acidity, letting the attributes of the Dabinett apple speak for itself. Theres a good balance of tannins in there and a gently sparkle from light bottle conditioning, just enough to keep it refreshing.

CIDER PROCESS: The apples are from Dorset and were harvested in January this year. A late season picking that led to a session-able 5.8% abv. Apples were pressed at source with a traditional screw press. Juice is 100% Dabinett apples with no dilution. Fermented in Edinburgh for 6 months in the very chilly distillery where the juice started a natural fermentation and later, lightly assisted with a neutral champagne yeast to near complete dryness. This was rested to drop sediment before bottling. It then had a five month period of bottle conditioning to give it a fine bubble and a light carbonation level, sitting somewhere between petillant and sparkling. A 20ppm addition of S02 was added at bottling only. It’s unpasteurised, unfiltered and vegan friendly. There are 980 bottles in the batch, hand bottled, labelled and individually numbered. 750ml @ 5.8% abv.

A BIT ABOUT ME: All the processing is done by myself at the distillery, I’m a one man operation working on eau de vies and cider. I’ve fabricated my own process equipment including two vacuum stills that I’ve been using to develop small batch sustainable grappas using single varietal grape skins from a bio-dynamic winery. I’ve also distilled a portion of the Dabinett cider to make an apple eau de vie that is currently resting in stainless. Aiming to start releasing these in the new year.