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It’s a ‘craft’ take on Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, a drink I’ve enjoyed many times over the years. In the days before craft beer bottle shops, when the beer selection in your average corner shop was very often limited to macro lager, FES offered something genuinely different and interesting. With rich, almost aggressive flavours and a big boozy body it was always a tasty option and great value for money.

I loved the fact that you could find versions with slightly different packaging and subtle variations in taste too. So this was the jumping off point for ours – a big, bold Stout that’s unapologetically gnarly, with tons of roasted barley offering a sharp, bitter bite that’s countered by treacle sweetness from a heap of molasses. A dose of Cascade late in the boil adds a freshness in the finish that keeps everything nicely balanced.

7% / 440ml