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The folks over at McColl’s Brewery are good people making good beer and they’re not a million miles removed from where we are with regard to how they like to go about things; having met and chatted a few times we got on famously and it made sense to invite them over to Glasgow to get a brew on. And when it came to deciding what form that beer should take, it was a no-brainer to dig into their love of beetroot!

After some to-ing and fro-ing, ESB emerged as the base style – and of course once we realised there was a pun-tastic naming possibility we were properly up and running. Rest assured, it’s not as mental as it sounds and the combination works deliciously well. The classic hug-in-a-glass ESB elements are present and correct, with a judicious beetroot addition providing supporting sweet, earthy notes as well as a beautiful red tint.

6.2% / 440ml