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100% Bohemian Pilsner malt and Czech hops. It’s a classic combination for a reason. We’ve shifted the balance back towards a more authentic Czech Pilsner for our re-brew of this beer by reigning in the dry hopping. The lemon ‘twist’ remains but is more delicate this time around, allowing the full-bodied malt to take centre stage.

Plenty of Saaz hops in the kettle contribute trademark earthy, spicy notes and there’s a hint of sulphur from the lager yeast. We’ve come to love Kazbek hops since first using them in the original version of this beer but here we’ve added them more sparingly so their lemon-grapefruit citrus is a more subtle contribution and the result is a really nicely balanced, tasty and refreshing beer. In fact, I think it might be a super crushable crispy boi. OK, shoot me now.

4.8% / 330ml