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13-year-old Speyside single malt (distilled at Glenrothes) matured in a 2nd-fill sherry butt. This one came out at a whopping 64.4% and is really two different whiskies when neat and diluted.

So, the neat nose is classical sherried Glenrothes – nutty (walnut whip, peanut brittle), creamy (malted milk, crême caramel) and a bit fruity (jaffa cakes, apple pie, dried figs). There’s a bit of toasted teacake too, as well as that slight flintiness you often get from Glenrothes. Adding water makes the cleaner and fruitier side really pop – it becomes particularly citrussy with melted Calippo orange lollies and (a classier one to make up for that!) grapefruit preserve.

The palate tells the same story. Neat it’s rich, thickly textured and chocolate-caramely, with a baked apple sort of fruitiness, a bit of tarry liquorice, and orange and caramel in the finish. Dilution switches everything round so that there’s orange cake upfront, and the richness is felt more in the finish. I get more of the nuttiness (sesame snaps, peanut cookies) with water too.

I think some people will love this dram neat, some well-diluted, and others will find their own sweet spot in-between. It’s certainly fun to play around with!

There are 368 bottles of this in the world.

We receive a very small allocation so have put them on one per customer.

64.6% / 70cl