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Fred #8 is just the right choice when it comes to ‘easy-to-drink’ wines. Both juicy and refreshing this wine is a perfect companion when all you need is to relax after a long day at work.

Winemaker Zsolt Sütö is based in Strekov, Slovakia. This wine is a mix of 30 % Blauer Portugieser 2020, 50% Alibernet 2019, 20 % Dunaj 2020, grown organically on Clay-loam, above limestone and marine sediment veins.

Half of the Portugieser has been foot-crushed, the rest de-stemmed. The juice was fermented spontaneously for 2 weeks in open vats. The Alibernet and the Dunaj have been aged in 300 – 500l Zemplén oak barrels, while The Portugieser stayed in a 2500L Austrian oak for 6 months. Bottled in April unfined and unfiltered without the addition of SO2.

Natural winemaking.

Organic farming.

Vegan friendly.